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Information about the OHS film and video archive can be found in the Archives section of the online catalog. Just type "film and video" into the search field.

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Accessing Film and Video Collections

Saturday access to film and video must be requested by 4 pm on Friday.

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OHS archive

OHS archives
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Selected films from the OHS Research Center collection are available online. Explore Oklahoma's past through historic footage featuring American Indians, family films, community activities, sports, political events, iconic figures, and more.

WKY KTV KFOR archives

WKY archives
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Spanning nearly thirty years the WKY, KTVY, KFOR film collection contains the photojournalistic historical record of the state of Oklahoma from 1953 to 1979. In three decades the face of the nation and Oklahoma changed dramatically and the footage contained in the approximately eight thousand film reels tells the story. Through news footage, documentaries, and television specials these archives capture a rare audio/visual view into Oklahoma's past. Each film has been digitized in high definition video, fully described, and given context where available using the archives of The Oklahoman.

*The Foreman Scotty show and the 3D-Danny Show were shot live in the studio. Unfortunately other than the occasional promo or random episode no full record of these shows exist.

Former WKY-TV employee Jon Spence has donated an oral history collection comprised of interviews with past WKY-TV employees. These interviews can be found on YouTube here.

Order Film and Video

To order copies of items in the OHS collections use the links below or contact us directly. The research fee includes two hours of research and is non-refundable.
Diane Wasser, 405-522-6674
dwasser@okhistory.org or japryse@okhistory.org.

Order Online You may also order by mail using our printable order form.

Research fee: Oklahoma resident$100
Research fee: out-of-state resident$200
Transfer fee $100 per non-digitized item
DVD-R$30 per item
High definition digital file$100 per item
Use fee: In-state/local$50 per minute
Use fee: Non-profit/public television$100 per minute
Use fee: large market$500 per minute

Details on commercial use.