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Chisholm Trail Museum

605 Zellers Avenue
Kingfisher, OK 73750-4228
(405) 375-5176
Director: Adam Lynn
Tue - Sat  10am to 5pm
Children (6-18)$2.00
Children (under 5)Free
*This charge includes the Governor Seay Mansion

Chisholm Trail Sign

Chisholm Trail Museum

T.G. & Y. Store Exhibit at the Chisholm Trail Museum

The Chisholm Trail Museum is proud to announce a unique and nostalgic exhibit now on display. This exhibit showcases the Chisholm Trail Museum and the once largest Oklahoma retail chain store.

The exhibit, "T.G.&.Y. : An Original Oklahoma Icon", features items and artifacts from the T.G.&.Y. era including personal items on loan from the original T.G.&.Y. store in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Through photographs and artifacts, the exhibit reveals how a small town variety store in Kingfisher, Oklahoma, owned and operated by Raymond  A. Young during the late 1920s, navigated through the trying years of the Great Depression and World War II. The store emerged as one of the most successful variety chain stores in the nation, and the first Oklahoma-based store to reach over one billion dollars in sales with more than 900 stores across the United States by the end of the 20th Century.

Also on display are artifacts loaned from the family of Les Gosselin who was one of the co-owners of T.G.&.Y., as well as original documents and other artifacts from Raymond A. Young, another co-owner who started his first store in Kingfisher, Oklahoma.

Raymond A. Young began his venture into the retail business in 1927 with the opening of R.A. Young Co. 5c to $1.00 Stores, in the small farming community of Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Mr. Young's future success was due in large part to the effects of growing up as a poor child working on a small farm near Stillwater, Oklahoma, in the early 1900s. Influenced by his mother's desire that all of her children would attend college and earn degrees, Mr. Young channeled the lessons of hard work ethic and strength from his earlier years spent as a farm boy towards his studies as a student at Oklahoma A&M, now Oklahoma State University. Mr. Young was influenced early on by many people including the now famous former Oklahoma A&M wrestling coach Ed Gallagher, for whom the Oklahoma State University Basketball arena is named. Mr. Young would join forces with two other small town Oklahoma natives, E.L. Tomlinson and Les Gosselin, to eventually co-own the T.G.&Y. Stores. After retirement, Mr. Young wasinducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame and was instrumental in the expansion and development of Oklahoma City in the 60s and 70s.

About the Chisolm Trail

Once the greatest cattle trail in the world, the Chisholm Trail served to get Texas cattle north to the Kansas railheads from which they were shipped to the other parts of the country. The main stem of the Chisholm Trail ran along what is now US 81. Cattle were first moved over the trail in 1867. In the ten years from 1867 to 1877, more than three million head of cattle passed through Oklahoma to Kansas.

The trail blazed was named after Jesse Chisholm, a mixed-blood Cherokee guide and trader. Chisholm had moved trade goods over a part of the route and travelers began referring to it as Chisholm's Trail.

In Kingfisher County all three parts of the trail can be seen. The Chisholm Trail Museum is located directly on this famous trail.

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