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Fort Supply Site Tour

Historic Image of Ordnance Sergeant Quarters Ordnance Sergeant Quarters Today
Figure 1: Ordnance Sergeant's Quarters

These five buildings date from the military period (1868–1894). The 1874 Ordnance Sergeant's Quarters (figure 1) and the 1882 Civilian Employee Quarters (figure 5) are picket-style log buildings.

These are rare examples of a once-common frontier construction method. Vertical logs form the walls of these buildings. The 1878 Commanding Officer's Quarters (figure 3) and the duplex 1882 Officers' Quarters (figure 4) are the only frame houses left on "Officers' Row." The 1892 Guard House (figure 2) was the only brick building erected by the Army at Fort Supply. It has been restored and furnished to 1893 and contains an exhibit area. A replica of the original 1868 stockade provides visitors with a glimpse of frontier army life.

Guard House in 1882 Present Day Guard House
  Figure 2: The Guard House

On the pages of this website are found a brief history of the post and a time line to provide the reader with an understanding of the past. A quick photographic tour of the buildings will suffice until your actual visit to the site. There are suggested readings and links pages followed by contact information. In 1890, a newsletter was started by the Post Chaplain, Charles Pierce, entitled "Stray Shots." The little post paper has been revived for the online reader. Within the pages of this publication will be found items of interest that range from coming events to postings on past events.

Commanding Officer's Quarters in 1878 Commanding Officer's Quarters Present Day
  Figure 3: Commanding Officers Quarters

The Ordnance Sergeant's Quarters (1874) and the Civilian Employee Quarters (1882) are rare examples of a once common frontier construction method of walls made of vertical logs.

The Commanding Officer's Quarters (1879) and the duplex Officers' Quarters (1882) are the only houses left on Officers' Row. The Guard House (1892) was the only brick building erected by the army at Fort Supply. The restored and re-furnished Guard House also contains an exhibit area featuring artifacts, photographs, and graphics.

The replicas of the 1869 stockade, army supply wagon, mountain howitzer, and Cheyenne tipi provide visitors with a glimpse of early post life.

Officer's Quarters in 1886 Present Day Officer's Quarters   
Figure 4: The Officer's Quarters

Fort Supply Civilian Quarters

The Oklahoma Historical Society is supported in its efforts by the Historic Fort Supply Foundation a non-profit organization of individuals interested in the preservation and development of this important historic site.

Figure 5: Now, 1882 Civilian Employee Quarters