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Sonic Drive-In: A History


advertisement: something that is created and displayed to help sell a product or make an announcement

brand: a design and/or set of ideas that represent a company

budget: an estimate of how much you will earn and how much you will spend over a period of time

carhop: a server at a drive-in restaurant who sometimes works on roller skates

commercial: a form of advertisement that is shown on TV or played on the radio

consumer: someone who pays money for goods and services

copyright: a law that gives the owner of a work the right to say how other people can use it, and does not let people copy their work without their permission

corporation: a business or organization that legally combines a group of people to act as one voice

drive-in: a restaurant people can drive to, park, and have servers deliver food to their car

efficient: to be able to something without wasting time, resources, or energy

entrepreneur: a person who starts a business

expansion: an increase in either the size or the number of something

free market: a system that is not influenced by outside rules or the government where prices for goods and services are set by consumers and investors

innovation: The action or process of creating or improving a new idea, method, or product

intercom: an electronic device that people speak into to communicate with someone in a different room or location, such as from a person’s car to a kitchen

invest: to put money into businesses or property to help them develop with the hopes of making a profit

jukebox: a machine that automatically plays a song when a coin or some other form of payment is inserted

laborer: a person who performs a specific type of work for wages

menu: a list of food and drinks that can be ordered at a restaurant

president: the highest-ranking person in a company who makes managerial decisions

profit: the money gained from the sale of a good minus the good’s production cost

resources: a supply of money, materials, or staff that are needed to run an operation

recession: a drop in economic growth that lasts at least six months; during a recession, businesses sell fewer goods and services.

standards: ideas or rules that are used as a measurement or model in comparing things

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