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Oklahomans and Space


Fact and Fiction

Facts are something that actually occurred. Fiction is something we create using our imagination. Sometimes authors use facts from history and then use their imagination to create a story based on those facts.

Choose one of the astronauts from this website. First research the astronaut using this website, other websites, and books. Use the facts you find and then use your imagination to create a short story about the astronaut's time in space. Write your story using two colored pencils. Use one color when writing down facts that occurred. Use the other color for the parts of the story that you create. One sentence may have two different colors.

Be a Journalist from the Past

Find a video of news coverage of a rocket launch on nasa.gov or youtube.com. On nasa.gov find a written description of that same mission or launch to help answer the questions below if needed.

Imagine that you are a journalist at that time writing about the launch for your local newspaper. Write a newspaper article that covers:

  • Who are the astronauts on the rocket?
  • What is the name of the rocket?
  • Where is the rocket headed?
  • How did the launch happen, and was it successful?
  • Why is the launch important?

Present an Astronaut

Based on the biographies and stories you read on this website, choose an Oklahoma astronaut you believe deserves their own special day. Research the astronaut of your choice and create a poster that symbolizes their contribution to Oklahoma and why you think they should have their own holiday. Present your poster to your class or a partner. Be sure to view other students' posters and ask questions. At the end of class, have other students vote on who they think should have their own Oklahoma holiday and who had the most creative poster.

Information to keep in mind:

  1. Where they are from
  2. What mission(s) they went on
  3. One interesting fact
  4. Why you would want to be like them or why you like that person the best

What to Take Activity

Below are typical items taken on space missions, including dehydrated food and an exercise band.

Dehydrated food and a water gun to rehydrate it from the Gemini-Titan 4, 1965 (22311.S-65-22240, Jerry Elliott Collection, OHS).

A bungee cord used by astronauts on the Gemini-Titan 4, 1965 (22311.S-65-19590, Jerry Elliott Collection, OHS).

What would you need to take with you on your trip to space to survive? What would you want to take with you for when you are bored or lonely? Draw items in the space below or on your own sheet of paper that you would need or want to take with you to space.

Matching Game

Match the Oklahoma astronaut to their picture. When you are done, you can use the website to check your answers.

Make Sun Paper


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Make A Galaxy Pinwheel

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