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1890 Oklahoma Territorial Census

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NameAgeSexRaceBirthplacePage No.
John A Smith25MWMissouri44
John Smith5 moMWOk Terr119
John Willber Gillespie (John Wilbur Gillespy)137
Jan Rhinehart (John)3MWKan141
John N Lane (John W)40MWIowa146
Johnie Johnson (John, Johnathan)20MBKan150
Johnie Brown (John, Johnathan)28MBMississippi151
Johnie Douney (John, Johnny, Johnnie Dauney)4MBKan153
Johnnie Lalicker (John, Johnathan)11MWNeb159
John R Smith59MWIllinois169
John R Smith27MWIllinois169
John J A Smith58MWMo205
John A Smith48MWIowa234
Jhn T Patton (John T)36mwMo244
John Wm Mulow (John William)61mwEngland275
John V Stanley (John U)2MWStrip OK283
John P Pemberton (John F)12MMo 304
John O Smith58MWOhio309
John O Smith15MWmo309
John S Crowner (John N)59MWOhio342
Jno Earhart (John)25MWMo371
Jno W Chenoweth (John W)41MWIowa373
John W Smith29MBArkansas430
John Smith32MWTenn438
John Smith7MBKansas482
John W Garber (John H)45MWIndiana509
John W Smith35MWArkansas512
John Smith28mwGermany562
John E Smith26mwOhio562
John H Smith34MWTenn619
John L Smith7 moMWOK619
John T Smith22MWArkansas623
John N Smith50MWOhio642
John B Smith12MWKan652
Burcat Diehm (John)33MWGermany688
John W Smith34MWIllinois788
John R Smith35MWInd790
John W Smith30MWArkansas824
John C Smith61MWPenn824
John H Smith24MWIowa825
John Sharp (Thomas John)7MWKans827
John B Carter (John R)24MWTexas846
John Smith32MWWis927
John M Graham (John W)45MWO994
John B Smith45mwInd1043
John H Smith12mwMo1049
John W Smith35mwArkansas1050
John H Smith48MWIllinois1092
John W Smith58MWOhio1190
John Y Lovless (John V Loveless)18MWInd1208

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