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About this Database

This database contains more than 45,000 names from the Indian Pioneer Histories. It is an every-name index, meaning that it includes all names found within the collection. There is not an interview with each person in this database; many names are only mentioned in another person's account.

About the Indian Pioneer Histories

The Indian Pioneer Histories are oral histories conducted in the 1930s. The interviews offer firsthand accounts from individuals who experienced pioneer life in present-day Oklahoma. Interviews vary in length but may include information about individuals including births and deaths, residence, burial location, and profession. The interviews were conducted during the Great Depression as part of Works Progress Administration project S-149, sponsored by The University of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Historical Society.

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To order copies of a listing by mail, use the printable order form and include the information provided in the index. To order by phone call 405-522-5225 and please have your credit card ready. Please keep in mind every person in this index does not necessarily have an interview, and may only be mentioned in another's account.