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1901 Land Lottery, El Reno and Lawton

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This list includes individuals who filed for a chance to receive a homestead in the August 1901 land lottery held at the El Reno and Lawton Land Offices. These lottery tickets are presumed to be those who were unsuccessful in gaining a piece of land. Out of the more than 74,000 entries, less than 100 are included in this list.

There is a genealogical value to this collection, as the tickets include the name of the individual filing for the lottery; their last residence; their birth place and if they were naturalized and where, their age, race, weight, height, and where to send the notice if the person was successful in securing a parcel of land. There is a place for the individual to sign the ticket, and the location and date of the signing.

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NameLocationTicket No.Age
William J. Admires El Reno74297 48
John Bach Lawton72658 32
Jerry S. Bailey Lawton72665 38
Anthony E. Barker Lawton72684 30
John A. Bentley Lawton72670 28
John A. Blubaugh Lawton72694 36
Webster W Boling El Reno74278 28
Henry Bolliwine Lawton72691 43
John G. Bostick Lawton72678 24
Orastus S Bretigaue (John Herman agent) El Reno74286 52
Roy N. for James O. Brinthrall Lawton72676 27
Ernest A. Brown Lawton72689 21
James H. Bryan (agent for Tell P. Starr) Lawton72687 31
Howard N. Calderwood Lawton72693 40
Alvin L. Cassity Lawton72688 40
Manson A. Chesney Lawton72692 25
Miss Mattie Childress El Reno74621 39
Miller Clark El Reno74265 22
Mora Davey Lawton72673 23
Jesse Davis Lawton72661 34
George W. Dixon Lawton72666 38
George W. Dulany Lawton72675 27
Edward W. Enisman Lawton72657 43
Matthew J Evans El Reno74290 40
Don C Fallon El Reno74288 55
James R. Feley Lawton72698 51
John Fitzgerald Lawton72680 37
William H Force El Reno74282 21
Lewis A. Foster Lawton72685 27
Napoleon B Freeland El Reno74296 56
Samuel A Gamble El Reno74260 46
Robert B Gannaway El Reno74259 37
Henry M Grady El Reno74287 26
William D. Green Lawton72663 29
Thomas Green Lawton72697 28
Louie Gregerson Lawton72650 24
Jesse W. Hairline Lawton72648 28
Charles Hangen Lawton72696 23
Joshua Harris El Reno74270 32
John R. Harrison Lawton72667 34
Reuben E Hughes Lawton72654 53
Devene (agent for Harry Smith) Jackson El Reno74275 20
Frank W. Jarboe (Thomas L Lerory by ) Lawton72669 28
William C Johnson El Reno74258 26
William Johnson El Reno74276 40
Earl M. Johnson Lawton72649 23
Charles O Jones El Reno74266 37
David C. Kolp Sr. Lawton72668 61
James A Langan El Reno74264 44
Thomas Lawson (Lindsay Lewis Agent) El Reno74281 31
Harry C. Leatherbury Lawton72682 23
John A Lewis El Reno74280 21
Brenton C. Lewis Lawton72681 35
Mary E Lyon El Reno74277 53
Ambrose V. Martin Lawton72669 26
Joseph H Mason El Reno74271 35
William C. McCarley Lawton72655 24
James R. Mckee (agent for Susan A Mckee, widow of Andrew A Mckee) Lawton72683 38
Thomas S. Meadow Lawton72656 28
Joseph W. Moffett Lawton72699 33
Jospeh H Morris El Reno74289 46
Fred Morton El Reno74269 23
Lewis P. Mosier Lawton72662 38
Fenton D Myrick El Reno74263 28
Cylde G Norris El Reno74268 21
Le Roy for James P. Minard Owsley Lawton72679 41
John B Parham El Reno74273 40
James M. Payne Lawton72700 45
Albert Pulliam El Reno74279 23
Edward Queen El Reno74298 51
Thomas T Quick El Reno74283 47
George W Ray El Reno74295 27
Joseph B Rutherford El Reno74267 29
Walter P Scott El Reno74293 36
Mrs. Mahala Seaton (Charles E. Williamson Attorney for) El Reno74284 27
Charles Sfalt Lawton72660 21
Gus Shipman Lawton72668 43
William W. Shoulders Lawton72659 60
Jim B Sloven El Reno74262 24
Henry M. Spalding Lawton72686 47
Arthur F. Starr Lawton72664 46
OP Stricklans El Reno74292 21
William T Strong El Reno74274 40
Wms M. (illegible) Valander (illegible) Lawton72677 23
Malchus Watrons El Reno74285 25
Gertrude Welten El Reno74272 28
Louis K Wiggins El Reno74291 28
James S. Wiggins Lawton72671 43
Frank C Wilhelm (Thomas J Sanford Agent for) El Reno74294 40
James W. Woodard Lawton72695 39
David E Wright El Reno74299 25