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The Litton Papers

The Litton Papers consist of eight bound volumes containing transcriptions of various newspaper articles and other materials pertaining to the Five Tribes: Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Muscogee (Creek), and Seminole. The Litton Papers were created under the direction of Gaston Litton.

An introduction in the first volume describes the project:

The papers comprising this collection were copied in the main from the archives of the Five Tribes in the custody of the Oklahoma Historical Society and from the society’s newspaper and library collections. These transcripts were made under a grant of funds from the Works Progress Administration by what was known briefly as the ‘Indian Historical Manuscripts’ Project, S-37.

This project was in operation from January 1936 to October 1937 being located for a time in the Bass Building in downtown Oklahoma City and later, until the time of its dissolution, at the Historical Building.

The project was under the sponsorship of the Department of History of the University of Oklahoma, this phase being under the immediate direction of Professor M. L. Wardell. The project was supervised by Mr. Gaston Litton who was assisted by a corps of a dozen or more typists and editorial clerks from Oklahoma City including Estelle Chisholm Ward, Miss Bonnie Hickey, Mrs. Helen Masoner, Miss Dorothy Wade, Mrs. V. Sansbury, and Mr. Leon Jones.

—Gaston Litton, Washington, April 19, 1945

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