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Search Oklahoma State Penitentiary Photograph Cards and Fingerprint Cards

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The Research Center offers prisoner fingerprint card and prisoner photo card research requests for a flat fee of $15 each. Be certain to include the information listed in the index, including the individual's full name, record number, and box number (if available). To order by mail use the printable order form or call 405-522-5225 to order by phone.

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About the Oklahoma State Penitentiary Collection

The Oklahoma State Penitentiary is located in McAlester, Oklahoma. It opened in 1908 under the proposal of Kate Barnard, commissioner of Charities and Corrections, and with the support of Governor Charles N. Haskell. The prison housed both male and female inmates as well as individuals of all races. The Oklahoma State Penitentiary Collection [2010.055] consists of prisoner picture cards, fingerprint cards, prison rodeo records, and guard shift logs. Although there are thousands of cards in the collection, not all prisoner cards are available at the OHS.

The index provides basic information about the prisoners; however the cards also include photos, work details, and more information including next of kin and religion.

Prisoner Photograph Cards

This index provides basic information about the prisoners; however, the photograph cards also include images, work details, and additional information including next of kin and religion. This index includes all prisoner photograph cards in the collection.

Prisoner Fingerprint Cards

This index is a work in progress. The Oklahoma State Penitentiary fingerprint card index corresponds with the prisoner photograph cards. The earliest fingerprint card is from 1906, however, early cards are very rare. Most of the cards are from the 1910s through the 1940s. They provide information such as crime, sentence length, where the individual is from, and in some cases a description of the person. A few of the cards have photos.

Prisoner Intake Ledgers

We have received a donation of intake record ledgers from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. The records are organized by prisoner record number and range from 1909 to the 1950s. There are two gaps of numbers that are missing from the collection- 18875-20162 and 36726-38017. These records have not been indexed yet. The records generally include name, record number, conviction, personal information such as marital status, education level, “reason for downfall,” and family members. The records can also include previous terms, either in Oklahoma, or in other states. You must provice the month and year of incarcertaion for OHS staff to search these records.