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Rehabilitation of Hospital Underway

This historic hospital building at Fort Gibson historic landmark is underdoing rehabilitation. The project seeks to return the hospital to its 1870s appearance, which is a longtime goal of the OHS. Before the OHS acquired the property in the early 1980s, the hospital was a private residence for more than 70 years.

The once-vacant building will contain the new visitor center, with new exhibits, restrooms, a gift store, and office space for staff.

The hospital orginally included a wing that housed patients, which was later torn down. The wing has been reconstructed and will be used for exhibit space, including a period horse-drawn ambulance.

The first phase, completed in 2017, addressed problems with the building’s structural integrity and gave the building a much-needed new roof.

Zenith Construction of Tahlequah was awarded the construction contract. Zenith Construction previously worked with the OHS on the construction of the Visitor Center at Honey Springs Battlefield in Checotah.

Funds for the project were provided through the maintenance of state buildings revolving fund managed by the Long-Range Capital Planning Commission and OHS maintenance funds.

Work on the new interior exhibits will start as soon as the construction is concluded. Once the exhibits are completed in the hospital, work will begin on new exhibits for the commissary building. Here, the OHS plans to focus exhibits on feeding the army and returning the building’s interior to the appearance of a commissary.

Fort Gibson Historic Site is a National Historic Landmark.