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Honey Springs Visitor Center

Through artifacts, graphics and narrative, the visitor center exhibits tell the rich history of the Battle of Honey Springs. Visitors will learn that on July 17, 1863—just two weeks after the famous Battles of Gettysburg and Vicksburg—a total of 9,000 troops converged on a small farming settlement along the Texas Road in the Muscogee (Creek) Nation called Honey Springs, named after a well-known watering stop in the area. There they battled against one another for their freedom, homes, tribal nations and ways of life. These troops, historians believe, represented the most diverse set of individuals and cultures to fight in any battle of the Civil War.

Small artifacts on display including multiple bullets and rusted metal implements   Female mannequin in period pioneer dress pulls a wooden cart   The sihlouette of a Civil War solider. He is holding a musket with a bayonet on the end and carrying supplies on his back. In the background is an exhibit featuring a mule and a wagon.

Sights, Sounds, and Artifacts

Visit the exhibit theatre for an immersive viewing experience that brings the Battle of Honey Springs to life. Guests can explore the exhibit hall, which features audio recordings of first-hand accounts of the generals, officers, soldiers, and civilians who lived through the battle. Exhibits also highlight the firearms, ammunition, and artillery used in the battle.

A section of a mural depicting the Battle of Honey Springs. The mural is visible below wooden beams and ceiling lights.   A hand points to an interactive touchscreen. On the screen is a small map and text about the Texas Road.   Male mannequins depicting two Union soldiers stand behind a large cannon. The brass cannon is atop a wooden gun carriage with two large wheels.  

View the trailer for The Battle of Honey Springs (2022) below.