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Endowment funds of the Oklahoma Historical Society are placed in one of several OHS funds in the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. These funds are managed to provide income in perpetuity to the OHS and to allow the investments to grow in value, thereby providing increased income to the OHS in the future.

Donors may contribute to one of our funds at OCCF directly, or they may work through the OHS Development Office to make such donations. In addition, donors may specify if they want their funds for the OHS managed by the Tulsa Community Foundation or the Communities Foundation of Oklahoma.

Donating to the Oklahoma Historical Society endowment fund will help ensure the OHS will continue to collect, preserve, and share Oklahoma history for generations to come.

Give Now

Oklahoma City Community Foundation

Contributions to the OHS Endowment Fund may be made in the name of friends or family members.
Donate online through the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.

Honorary and Memorial Contributions

Recipients will be notified of your generosity. Be sure to include the name of the person or family that you wish to honor, the name and address of any relatives of the honoree whom you would like OHS to notify, and your name and address so we may acknowledge your contribution.