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American Indian Records and Resources

The Indian Archives Collection

Since 1934 the Oklahoma Historical Society Indian Archives have housed American Indian Records for numerous tribes. The records came to the Oklahoma Historical Society after Congress passed legislation giving the OHS custody of the materials. These records include a variety of official documents and information relating to tribes in Indian and Oklahoma Territory. The archives include a significant number of records pertaining to the Five Tribes as well as other tribes.

The Research Division is an affiliate of the National Archives and Records Administration.

Learn about the records in the Indian Archives Collection.

American Indian Ancestry

The following resources are available for researching your Indian ancestry. If you are searching for a connection to one of the Five Tribes (Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole), consult the Dawes Final Roll. This final roll is the basis for determining eligibility for tribal citizenship.

Dawes Rolls and Related Information
Dawes Final Rolls of the Five Civilized Tribes
Removal of Restrictions (Five Tribes)
Hastain's Township Plats of the Creek Nation
Moore's Seminole Roll and Land Guide
Finding Your American Indian Ancestors (PDF)

Other Historical and Genealogical Information
Individual Indian Files (Plains tribes)
1896 Applications for Enrollment (Five Tribes)
Official Register of the United States Indian agency employees (multiple tribes)
American Indian censuses on microfilm (multiple tribes)
Finding Your American Indian Ancestors (PDF)

Additional Resources

American Indian Removal

More than sixty different tribes relocated to present-day Oklahoma during the nineteenth century. Although some tribes moved voluntarily, most were forcibly removed from their homelands and assigned to a reservation in Indian Territory. To learn more view an outline and timeline of Indian removal.

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The Office of American Indian Culture and Preservation
This office was established in 2013 by the Board of Directors of the Oklahoma Historical Society. The purpose of this office is to strengthen the ties between the federally recognized tribes of Oklahoma and the OHS, to work closely with tribal cultural preservation staff and assist with issues requiring expertise and guidance with culturally important materials, to conduct oral history projects with tribal elders, to provide workshops regarding preservation issues, to enhance collections development of American Indian materials, and to enhance research opportunities for tribal groups or individuals regarding the OHS collections.