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Grade 6 Academic Standards

6.2.1 Use visual information to identify and describe on a physical map the landforms, bodies of water, climate, and vegetation zones that are important to each region.

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Howard L. Johnson, "Climate"
Bruce Hoagland, "Flora"
Kenneth S. Johnson, "Lakes and Reservoirs"
Tom Lewis and Sara Jane Richter, "Black Mesa"
Kenneth S. Johnson, "Rivers and Streams"
Larry O'Dell, "Lake Eufaula"

Research Center Resources

Oklahoma's Water Atlas, Oklahoma Water Resources Board, No. 120 (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Water Resources Board, 1984)
Kenneth S. Johnson, et al., Geology and Earth Resources of Oklahoma: An Atlas of Maps and Cross Sections (Norman: Oklahoma Geological Survey, 1972)
Kenneth S. Johnson, "Mountains, Streams, and Lakes of Oklahoma," Oklahoma Geological Survey Informational Series No. 1 (Norman: Oklahoma Geological Survey, 1998)
Bruce W. Hoagland and Oklahoma Biological Survey, The Vegetation of Oklahoma: A Classification for Landscape Mapping and Conservation Planning (Norman: Oklahoma Biological Survey, 2000)

Online Primary Sources

"Official Oklahoma state maps," Oklahoma Department of Tourism
United States Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories, Automated Cartography Branch. Experimental Perspective Map, Cache, OK. (Fort Belvoir, VA: USAETL, 1980)

Additional Resources

"Types of Maps," Geology.com
Mapmaker Interactive, National Geographic
"Wetlands Mapper," US Fish and Wildlife Service
"Ecoregions of North America," US Environmental Protection Agency

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