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Oklahoma History Academic Standards

OKH.5.3 Analyze how various segments of Oklahoma society including agriculture, mining, and state politics were influenced by the organized labor and socialist movements.

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Danney Goble, "Government and Politics"
Larry O'Dell, "Labor, Organized"
Steven Kite, "Twin-Territorial Federation of Labor"
Nigel Anthony Sellars, "Industrial Workers of the World"
Jim Bissett, "Socialist Party"
James C. Milligan, "Farmer-Labor Reconstruction League"
James C. Milligan, "Oklahoma Farmers' Union"
Fred W. Dunbar, "Coal-Mining Strikes"
Larry O'Dell, "Osage Coal and Mining Company"
Nigel Anthony Sellars, "Working Class Union"
Nigel Anthony Sellars, "Green Corn Rebellion"

Research Center Resources


Online Primary Sources

Oklahoma Labor Unit (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Saturday, September 13, 1913
The Lancet
(Norman, Okla.), Tuesday, July 12, 1904
Oklahoma Leader (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Monday, March 6, 1922
The Farmers Union Advocate
(Guthrie, Okla.), Thursday, September 15, 1910
The Working Man
(Lawton, Okla.), Thursday, September 22, 1910
The Social Democrat (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Wednesday, July 30, 1913
Industrial Democrat (Oklahoma City, Okla.), Saturday, May 7, 1910

Additional Resources

Richard Grant, "When the Socialist Revolution Came to Oklahoma—And Was Crushed," Smithsonian magazine, October 2019
Jim Bissett, Agrarian Socialism in America: Marx, Jefferson, and Jesus in the Oklahoma Countryside, 1904–1920 (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2002)
Nigel Anthony Sellars, Oil, Wheat & Wobblies: The Industrial Workers of the World in Oklahoma, 1905–1930 (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2012)
Garin Burbank, When Farmers Voted Red: The Gospel of Socialism in the Oklahoma Countryside, 19101924 (Westport, Conn: Greenwood Press, 1976)

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