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Audio/Visual Resources

The SHPO provides workshops twice a year throughout the state and as requested by various agencies. These workshops cover a variety of topics including the National Register of Historic Places, the Section 106 Review Process, Federal Investment Tax Credits, and others. Below you will find materials used in those workshops: PowerPoint presentations, audio instructions, and instructional videos. If you would like information on a specific topic, please contact Shea.Otley@history.ok.gov, and we will try to make that information available.

PowerPoint Presentations & PDFs from PowerPoint Presentations

Due to the size of PowerPoint presentations, you will need to right click and choose "Save Link As" and save the presentation to your computer. If you have any problems saving the files, please contact the email address above, and we will try to rectify the issue as quickly as possible.

National Register of Historic Places

NRHP Workshop Presentation (2016 - 6.94MB)
The National Register of Historic Places (2009 - 5.06MB)
Cold War Resources Part 1 Part 2 (2009 - 2.5MB, 62MB)

Investment Tax Credits

The Tax Credits Application (2009 - 12.8MB)
Oklahoma Investment Tax Credit Projects (2008 - 39.6MB)
2009 Secretary of the Interior Standards (2009 - 15.3MB)

Section 106 Review Process

The Section 106 Review Process (2016 - 3.15MB)
Section 106 Eligibility (2016 - 19MB)

Miscellaneous Topics

Assessing Historic Sites: Elements to Consider (2009 - 11MB)
Oklahoma Center for Continuing Education: Modern Architecture Case Study (2014 - 24MB)
Oklahoma's Great Inheritance (2020) Oklahoma's Historic Preservation Partners (2013 - 20MB)
Storefronts on Historic Buildings (2010 - 46.8MB)