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Rehabilitating Historic Properties for State and Federal Tax Credits Manual

State and federal tax law currently provides attractive incentives for the rehabilitation of historic and older buildings. These special benefits encourage revitalization of historic districts as well as individual buildings. To qualify for the federal tax incentives, requirements of both the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the US Department of the Interior (through the National Park Service) must be met. To qualify for the state tax incentives, requirements stipulated in Oklahoma Statute OS68-2357.41 must be met. The State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) is the initial point of contact for applicants and participates in the review of proposed rehabilitation projects. The Technical Preservation Services branch of the National Park Service (NPS) represents the agency responsible for certifying historic structures and rehabilitation work. For more information, contact Sara Werneke at 405-522-4478 or Sara.Werneke@history.ok.gov.

Tax Manual

Investment Tax Credits for Rehabilitation Fact Sheet (PDF)
Frequently Asked Questions About Tax Credits for Rehabilitation (PDF)
Application Checklist - Part 1 (PDF)
Application Checklist - Part 2 (PDF)

Below you will find the links provided in the Rehabilitating Historic Properties for State and Federal Tax Credits Manual available from the Oklahoma State Historic Preservation Office.

General Info

***NEW 2021 Application***

Please read the new application instructions and make note of the changes on the Part 2 cover sheet. The section now directs applicants that the data entered for phased projects must be the total for the ENTIRE project. Language for phase information has been updated to "Application includes phase(s) ____ of ____ phases." In addition, a check box has been added for "intend to elect IRS 60-month phased rehabilitation."

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