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The Chisholm

Big Changes are Underway at The Chisholm!

The Chisholm, formerly known as the Chisholm Trail Museum, is celebrating its 60th anniversary by launching a $6 Million for 60 Years capital campaign. The museum will combine the old with the new, creating a more sustainable future for the museum and its collection. The museum’s new mission is to collect, preserve, and share the story of farming and ranching in Oklahoma, from its historical roots through contemporary issues.

The $6 million campaign will allow the museum to completely renovate the museum complex, provide extensive preservation work to its historic structures including the territorial governor’s home, improve accessibility, create new educational and community spaces, and install new exhibits throughout the complex.

Chart showing $1.8 million of the $6 million goal has been raised

Project Timeline

  • Phase I: Heritage Village Preservation Project (funded) Summer and Fall 2024
  • Phase II: Collections Storage and Exhibit Shop Facility (funded) Fall 2024
  • Phase III: Horizon Hill Preservation Project (funded) 2025
  • Phase IV: Main Museum Complex 2026–2027 (actively fundraising)

Visit the Site

The museum is open; however, we will be temporarily closing historic structures and the mansion while preservation work is completed. Please call the museum in advance to find out what spaces may be closed. Plan your visit to The Chisholm.

About the Museum 

The site is an affiliate of the Oklahoma Historical Society (OHS) and is operated by Chisholm Trail Museum, Inc. The complex serves as a unique public-private partnership and is supported by the nonprofit with the assistance of OHS and Kingfisher County. To learn more, visit thechisholm.org.

Vision Statement

At The Chisholm, we strive to engage, educate, and enrich our community and those who explore it by making the unique stories of farming and ranching accessible and relevant to today’s visitors. Through exhibits and programs, we seek to connect individuals to the historical traditions of farming and ranching, how these industries have evolved throughout time, and conservation efforts to create more sustainable practices. To accomplish this goal, we focus on the lives of individuals, families, and industries that have played a role in Oklahoma’s agricultural production.  

Capital Campaign Donors

Our project is made possible by the following partners:
The Oklahoma Historical Society
Kingfisher County
The Kirkpatrick Family Fund
The Rap Family Fund
Mary Ann Hyatt 

Rendering of the new front of The Chisholm
The renderings on this page show the new designs planned for The Chisholm.

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