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In the past, people decided it made sense to form groups to increase their safety and share resources. By doing this, people gave up some of their individual freedom to be part of the group. Each group had to create rules to follow and some way to enforce those rules. A government is the people who make decisions and set rules for a group of people. There are many types of governments. One person can be subject to several different governments at the same time.

Man in suit greeting schoolchildren outside of a gate.

A superintendent governs over schools in a school district (image courtesy CNN).

A woman shows a piece of paper to children seated in desks in front of a chalkboard.

A teacher “governs” a classroom (2012.201.B0093.0164, OPUBCO Photography Collection, OHS).

A man in a tie standing and talking to seated children eating school lunch.

A principal “governs” a school (2012.201.B0099.0515, OPUBCO Photography Collection, OHS).