The goal of the Oklahoma History Center is to collect, preserve, and share Oklahoma history.  The museum offers a variety of unique educational programs to facilitate sharing our state's past with museum visitors and school groups across the state.


Classes & Special Events
The Oklahoma History Center offers special classes throughout the year. Visit the education classes and events page for a current listing.

Field Trips and Museum Tours
The Oklahoma History Center offers a variety of options for student and adult groups to investigate Oklahoma's past. Groups can explore the museum independently or follow along with one of our scavenger hunts. Guided tours are available for groups who schedule them in advance. Please visit with one of our museum staff to determine what option will work best for your group.

Student Fees
The Oklahoma History Center offers programs both at the museum and in your classroom. The current fee for students is $4.00 per student, but the museum offers a free admission for school fieldtrips groups if you schedule your group visit in advance thanks to a grant from the Inasmuch Foundation. Groups who do not schedule in advance will pay posted admission prices. The fee for outreach programs to schools or organizations is $75.00 in the Oklahoma City metro area and $125.00 outside of the Oklahoma City metro area. Please check with the education staff for grant information to cover program costs.

Living History Presentations
Living History is a tool used by historians to engage and inspire the public through entertaining interactions to investigate the past. It allows museum visitors to experience history by transcending from a two-dimensional book or object to a three-dimensional character. The living history character can bring a real view of time past through dialects, opinions, eye-witness accounts, clothing, and artifacts.

This special programming makes history personal to the museum visitor, and they will long remember their experience. It allows for the visual, sensory, and auditory learners to access the past in a way that no other medium in teaching can match. Living history programs are available to both student and adult groups. To find out more view the program descriptions.

A number of our programs involve the use of period or reproduction weapons. Please notify staff if this is a problem and we can help determine the best program to fit your needs.

Activity Sheets
Activity sheets are designed to lead the museum visitor through the Oklahoma History Center. They will help students of all ages explore various topics and time periods in Oklahoma history and help to connect the visitor with the museum's artifacts.
Find out more.

Education Trunks
Education trunks are available for use in the classroom and cover a variety of topics. Each trunk contains lesson plans, activities, and three dimensional artifacts for the students to handle. Our educational trunks are designed to bring the artifact to the student. To find out more view the program descriptions.

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