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Oklahoma History Academic Standards

OKH.6.3 Describe the artistic contributions of Oklahomans in the fields of music, art, literature, theater, and dance such as Ralph Ellison and the Five Indian Ballerinas.

"Woody Guthrie: The Dust Bowl Balladeer," Crossroads

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

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Women of Oklahoma

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Melissa Vincent, "Chouteau, Myra Yvonne"
Candy Franklin Short, "Hightower, Rosella"
Toni Annette Foster, "Larkin, Moscelyne"
Starlynn Raenae Nance, "Tallchief, Elizabeth Maria"
Candy Franklin Short, "Tallchief, Marjorie Louise"
Gordon O. Taylor, "Ellison, Ralph Waldo"
Hannah Atkins, "Franklin, John Hope"
Matthew Jenkins, "Tolson, Melvin Beaunorus"
Guy Logsdon, "Allsup, Tommy Douglas"
Eric Dabney, "Autry, Orvon Gene"
Bob Burke, "Axton, Hoyt Wayne"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr, "Baker, Chet Henry"
Erin M. Dowell, "Berline, Byron"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr, "Bishop, Elvin"
Gini Moore Campbell, "Brooks, Troyal Garth"
Dianna Everett, "Busey, William Gary"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr, "Cale, John Weldon"
Linda D. Wilson, "Chenoweth, Kristin Dawn"
Richenda Bates, "Davis, Jesse Edwin III"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr, "Gap Band"
Bob Burke, "Garner, James"
Gini Moore Campbell, "Gill, Vince"
Judith Michener, "Gulager, William Martin"
Larry O'Dell, "Haggard, Merle Ronald"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr, "Hanson"
Gini Moore Campbell, "Howard, Ron"
George O. Carney, "Jackson, Wanda Lavonne"
Dianna Everett, "Johnson, Ben, Jr."
Larry O'Dell, "Keith, Toby"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr, "Kessel, Barney"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr, "McClanahan, Eddi Rue"
Richard Mize, "McEntire, Reba Nell"
Larry O'Dell, "McShann, James Columbus"
Larry O'Dell, "Miller, Roger"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr., "Minner, D. C."
Bob Burke, "Norris, Carlos Ray"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr., "Page, Patti"
Guy Logsdon, "Paxton, Thomas Richard"
Judith Michener, "Pitt, William Bradley"
Dianna Everett, "Place, Mary Kay"
Bob Burke, "Randall, Tony"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr., "Robertson, Dayle Lymoine"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr., "Russell, Leon"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr., "Skinner, Tom"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr., "Studi, Wesley"
Melvena Thurman Heisch, "Webb, James Layne"
Hugh W. Foley, Jr., "Woodard, Alfre"

Research Center Resources

"The Novel—Ralph Ellison on Work in Progress, 1966," (F2009.117.003, OHS)

Online Primary Sources

"Ralph Ellison reading from a novel in progress, 1983," Archive of Recorded Poetry and Literature, and Gertrude Clarke Whittall Poetry and Literature Fund
"Balanchine Foundation Interview: Maria Tall Chief Firebird"
"Dorcas Speer interviews author Ralph Ellison (WOI News Clip 452)," Iowa State University Library Special Collections

Additional Resources

Heather Thomas, "Maria Tallchief: Osage Prima Ballerina," Library of Congress, November 19, 2019
"Ralph Ellison," Library of Congress
"Ralph Ellison: A Biography," 2007, video, Library of Congress
"En Pointe: The Lives and Legacies of Ballet's Native Americans," American Archive of Public Broadcasting
"Stories of Ages: Five Native American Ballerinas," The Oklahoman Video Archive
"Cherokee Days 2018-Four Moons Ballet: Encore Performing Society," Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian

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