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Red River Wreck

Artifact Conservation

At the Conservation Research Lab, Texas A&M University

Conservation of all artifacts from the Red River Wreck is being undertaken by the Conservation Research Lab of the Texas A&M University. To date relatively few artifacts have been recovered from the wreck. These include some artifacts collected by the landowner after the wreck was first exposed in the early 1990s, the bearing block and an arm from a flywheel collected by the Oklahoma Historical Society in 1999, and a number of artifacts collected during field work in 2001. These are largely nails and spikes, but also include a hook and eye, part of an anvil, and a barrel of salt pork.

Photo of Conserved Bearing Block
Reverse side of bearing block after conservation by Texas A&M Conservation Research Lab

Jim Jobling Examines Barrel
Jim Joblin of Texas A&M Conservation Research Lab examines the barrel shortly after its recovery from the wreck.