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Grade 3: Social Studies Academic Standards

3.1.1 Examine and determine the main purposes of Oklahoma's state government and identify elected leaders of the state of Oklahoma and the three branches of government.

List and map of counties and county seats
List of governors of Oklahoma
"The Good Fight: Oklahoma City Sit-ins," Crossroads

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

Traveling Trunks
African Americans in Oklahoma
Civil War in Indian Territory
Dust Bowl and Great Depression
Women of Oklahoma

The African American Civil Rights Movement in Oklahoma

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Erin M. Sloan, "Albert, Carl Bert"
John Thompson, "Ameringer, Frieda"
John Thompson, "Ameringer, Oscar"
Patrick Keen, "Anti-Horse Thief Association"
Rebecca Watkins, "Anti-Saloon League"
Bob Burke, "Bartlett, Dewey Follett"
Carolyn G. Hanneman, "Bellmon, Henry Louis"
Jerry E. Stephens, "Bohanon, Luther Lee"
Bob Burke, "Boren, David Lyle"
Dianna Everett, "Budget-Balancing Amendment"
Von Russell Creel, "Capital Punishment"
Todd J. Kosmerick, "Cartwright, Wilburn"
Guy Logsdon, "Censorship"
Larry O'Dell, "Communist Party"
Danny M. Adkison, "Constitutional Convention"
Ronald Keith Gaddie, "Democratic Party"
Billy Joe Davis, "Edmondson, James Howard"
James C. Milligan, "Farmer-Labor Reconstruction League"
David Norris, "Gary, Raymond Dancel"
Danney Goble, "Government and Politics"
Nigel Anthony Sellars, "Green Corn Rebellion"
Richard Lowitt, "Harris, Fred Roy"
J. Compton, "Haskell, Charles Nathaniel"
John David Rausch, "Initiative and Referendum"
Jerry E. Stephens, "Judiciary"
Anne Hodges Morgan, "Kerr, Robert Samuel"
Linda D. Wilson, "Larch-Miller, Aloysius"
Rick Farmer, "Legislature"
Dianna Everett, "Liquor Control Act of 1959"
Von Russell Creel, "Monroney, Almer Stillwell"
Keith L. Bryant, Jr., "Murray, William Henry David"
O. Joe Cassity, Jr., "Nagle, Patrick Sarsfield"
Bob Burke, "Nigh, George Patterson"
Cynthia Savage, "Oklahoma Capitol"
Danny M. Adkison, "Oklahoma Constitution" 
Kenny L. Brown, "Owen, Robert Latham"
Worth Robert Miller, "Populist (People's) Party"
Kenny L. Brown, "Progressive Movement"
Jimmie L. Franklin, "Prohibition"
Ronald Keith Gaddie, "Republican Party"
Bob Burke, "Robertson, Alice Mary"
Larry O'Dell, "Robertson, James Brooks Ayers"
Harry Holloway, "Scandals, Political"
Jim Bissett, "Socialist Party"
John David Rausch, "Term Limits Amendment of 1990"
David D. Webb, "Thomas, John William Elmer" 

Research Center Resources

Historical Board of the Forty-fifth Infantry Division, The Fighting Forty-fifth: The Combat Report of an Infantry Division, compiled by Leo V. Bishop, Frank J. Glasgow and George A. Fisher (Baton Rouge, LA: Army and Navy Publishing Co., 1946)
LeRoy H. Fischer, ed. Oklahoma's Governors, 4 vols. (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1975–1985) Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4
Samuel A. Kirkpatrick, The Legislative Process in Oklahoma: Policy-Making, People, and Politics (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1951)
But What Do They Do in There? The Story of the Oklahoma Legislative Process, 1974 (F2009.117.004, Oklahoma Department of Libraries Collection, OHS)
Danny M. Adkinson and Lisa McNair Palmer. The Oklahoma State Constitution: A Reference Guide (Westport: CT: Greenwood Press, 2001)

Online Primary Sources

Additional Resources

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