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World War I and The Art of War: Posters from the Collection of Oscar Jacobson

Franz Ferdinand and wife Sophie (image courtesy of Smithsonian Magazine) 3



June 1914 – Franz Ferdinand, archduke of Austria-Hungary, and his wife Sophie are assassinated

July 1914 – Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia

August 1914 – Germany declares war on Russia, France, Belgium, and invades France
Britain declares war on Germany and Austria-Hungary
US declares its neutral stance
France declares war on Austria-Hungary
Japan declares war on Germany
Austria-Hungary declares war on Belgium and invades Poland (Russian)

(OHS Collections)4

October 1914 – Commission for Relief in Belgium

(Image courtesy The National WWI Museum and Memorial.)5


January 1915 – Bread rationing introduced in Germany

May 1915 – German U-boat torpedoes the civilian ship Lusitania, including 128 US citizens

Lusitania leaving New York Harbor (image courtesy of the Library of Congress).6


June 1916 – National Defense Act signed into law expanding the size and scope of the US military

November 1916 – Woodrow Wilson is reelected


February 1917 – US severs relations with Germany

April 1917 – US declares war on Germany and officially enters WWI

May 1917 – Selective Service Act

June 1917 – Espionage Act
First US Troops arrive in France
First Liberty Loan

July 1917 – First lottery of draft

December 1917 – The Eighteenth Amendment is passed and prohibition begins


January 1918 – 14 Points

Poster promoting Daylight Saving Bill (image courtesy Library of Congress).7

March 1918 – Daylight saving time begins in the US

November 1918 – Armistice (eleventh day, eleventh month, eleventh hour) WWI ends

(Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.)8


January 1919 – Peace conference in Paris

February 1919 – League of Nations created

June 1919 – Germany and Allies sign the Treaty of Versailles

July 1919 – Treaty of Versailles is submitted to the Senate

August 1919 – The Nineteenth Amendment passed by Congress giving women the right to vote

November 1919 – Treaty of Versailles not ratified by Senate

(Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.)9