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Oklahoma History Academic Standards

OKH.5.8 Describe the contributions of Oklahomans including African-American jazz musicians, the political and social commentaries of Will Rogers and Woody Guthrie, Wiley Post's aviation milestones, and the artwork of the Kiowa Six.

"Woody Guthrie: The Dust Bowl Balladeer," Crossroads

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

Traveling Trunk
Dust Bowl and Great Depression

African Americans in Oklahoma Before 1954
The Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, and the New Deal in Oklahoma

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

George O. Carney, "Jazz"
Anita G. Arnold, "Second Street"
George O. Carney, "Blue Devils"
Bob Burke, "Christian, Charles Henry"
George O. Carney, "Anderson, Bernard Hartwell"
George O. Carney, "McGhee, Howard"
Larry O'Dell, "McShann, James Columbus"
Bob Burke, "Rushing, James Andrew"
Rodger Harris, "Williams, Claude"
Douglas Watson, "Rogers, William Penn Adair"
Guy Logsdon, "Guthrie, Woodrow Wilson"
Erik D. Carlson, "Post, Wiley Hardeman"
Jon D. May, "Winnie Mae"

Research Center Resources

Jimmie Lewis Franklin, Blacks in Oklahoma (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1980)


Will Rogers' 1920s: A Cowboy's Guide to the Times, a documentary about Will Rogers, 1976 (F2009.117.008 , Oklahoma Department of Libraries Collection, OHS)
"Will Rogers," Biography, ca. 1961 (F2009.117.022 , Oklahoma Department of Libraries Collection, OHS)

Online Primary Sources

Will Rogers, photograph, Library of Congress
Will Rogers' first political speech, 1923, Library of Congress
Will Rogers tells traffic chiefs how to direct traffic, 1923, Library of Congress
"Will Rogers, Bacons, Beans, and Limousines," Will Rogers Memorial Museum
"Woody Guthrie and the Archive of American Folk Song: Correspondence, 1940-1950," Library of Congress
Woody Guthrie, John Langenegger, and Alan Lomax. The Gypsy Davy, Library of Congress
Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie, Bound for Glory (New York: Plume, 2014)

Additional Resources

Woody Guthrie Center
"Oklahoma Passage Telecourse #110; Culture & The Arts - Unit 2, Lesson 5," 1991-08-23, OETA, American Archive of Public Broadcasting
Anita G. Arnold, Oklahoma City Music: Deep Deuce and Beyond (Arcadia Publishing: 2010)
Angela Chambers, "Jazz Icon Charlie Christian's Legacy Extends Beyond OKC," Oklahoma Gazette, September 3, 2014
Ben Yagoda, Will Rogers: A Biography (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2000)
"Wiley Hardeman Post," The National Aviation Hall of Fame
"Wiley Post," Oklahoma Hall of Fame
Roger Connor, "Remembering Wiley Post and Will Rogers," Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, August 16, 2013
"Wiley Post of Oklahoma," 2003-12-16, OETA, American Archive of Public Broadcasting
"Wiley Post - Raw Black & White Footage; Oklahoma Heritage Film," 1988-05-18, OETA, American Archive of Public Broadcasting
"Almanac: Aviator Wiley Post," CBS Sunday Morning
"This Pressure Suit Helped Pilots Survive New Heights," The Smithsonian Channel
"Explore the West-Kiowa Six," National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum
Gunlog Maria Fur, Painting Culture, Painting Nature: Stephen Mopope, Oscar Jacobson, and the Development of Indian Art in Oklahoma (2019)
"Kiowa Six," Encyclopedia of the Great Plains
"The Kiowa Six," Jacobson House Native Art Center

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