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Oklahoma County Plats, 1889

This index includes names extracted from US land patents homesteads: Oklahoma County, Oklahoma Territory Land Run of April 22, 1889. Included is the town/location, the individual's name, the legal land description, and various notes regarding landmarks or additional details. Please note this index lists only those who received the final certificate for their land.

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Areas Included

Indian Meridian runs N/S through eastern portion of county
1889 Designation/Name Township and Range East Boundary North Boundary West Boundary South Boundary Landmarks
Pottawatomie T11N R1E Pottawatomie Rd
(County Line)
Reno Avenue Indian Meridian South 89th Street
Cass T11N R1W Indian Meridian Reno Avenue Post Road South 89th Street
Boone T11N R2W Post Road Reno Avenue Bryant Avenue South 89th Street Chisholm Cattle Trail Eastern Section
Greely T11N R3W Bryant Avenue Reno Avenue May Avenue South 89th Street
Mustang T11N R4W May Avenue Reno Avenue County Line South 89th Street
Elk T12N R1E Pottawatomie Rd
(County Line)
Wilshire Blvd Indian Meridian Reno Avenue
Choctaw T12N R1W Indian Meridian Wilshire Blvd Post Road Reno Avenue
Crutcho T12N R2W Post Road Wilshire Blvd Bryant Avenue Reno Avenue
Oklahoma T12N R3W Bryant Avenue Wilshire Blvd May Avenue Reno Avenue Chisholm Cattle Trail Center and Southeastern sections
Council Grove T12N R4W May Avenue Wilshire Blvd Mustang Plant Road
(County Line)
South 89th Street
Dewey T13N R1E Pottawatomie Rd
(County Line)
NE 164th Indian Meridian Wilshire Avenue
Springer T13N R1W Indian Meridian NE 164th Post Road Wilshire Avenue (NE 78th)
Hartzell T13N R2W Post Road NE 164th (15th St) Bryant Avenue Wilshire Avenue
Britton T13N R3W Bryant Avenue Wilshire Blvd May Avenue Reno Avenue Chisholm Cattle Trail West Section
Spring Creek T13N R4W May Avenue 164th County Line Wilshire Avenue
Luther T11N R1E County Line Waterloo Indian Meridian NE 164 (E 15th)
Deep Fork T14N R1W Indian Meridian Waterloo Post Road NE 164 (E 15th)
Lincoln T14N R2W Post Road Waterloo Bryant Avenue East 15th
Edmond T14N R3W Bryant Avenue Waterloo May Avenue East 15th
Deer Creek T13N R4W May Avenue Waterloo County Line NW 164 (W 15th) Chisholm Cattle Trail Center and East sections