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Grade 6 Academic Standards

6.2.2 Explain how the processes and factors of latitude, elevation, Earth-Sun relationships, prevailing winds, and proximity to bodies of water influence climate.

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Richard Lowitt, "Environment and Cultural Ecology"
B. Nick Abbott and Richard A. Marston, "Ozark Plateau"
Melanie L. McPhail and Richard A. Marston, "Osage Plains"
J. Josh Pittman and Richard A. Marston, "Coastal Plains"
Jamie J. Patton and Richard A. Marston, "Great Plains"
Daniel R. Wisleder and Richard A. Marston, "Eastern Lowlands"
Kurtis W. Boucher and Richard A. Marston, "Great Salt Plains"

Research Center Resources

"Oklahoma Wetlands Reference Guide," Oklahoma Conservation Commission, 2000.
Howard L.  Johnson and Claude E. Duchon, The Atlas of Oklahoma Climate (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1995)
James M. Goodman, "Physical Environments of Oklahoma," in Geography of Oklahoma, ed. John W. Morris. (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1977).

Additional Resources

"Flood Map Service Center," FEMA
"United States Climate Page," NOAA Physical Sciences Laboratory

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