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Grade 6 Academic Standards

6.3.4 Describe how the push and pull factors of migration have affected settlement patterns and the human characteristics of places over time.

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

A Fluid Frontier: Minority and Ethnic Groups and Opportunity in Oklahoma

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Stan Hoig, "Boomer Movement"
Dianna Everett, "Land Openings"
Dianna Everett, "Indian Territory"
Andrew K. Frank, "Indian Removal"
Kenny L. Brown, "Oklahoma Territory"
Mary Jane Warde, "Indian Response to the Boomer Movement"
Donald E. Green, "Settlement Patterns"
Richard Lowitt, "Environment and Cultural Ecology"
Donald N. Brown, "Immigration"

Research Center Resources

Berlin B. Chapman, Oklahoma City, from Public Land to Private Property (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1960).
Berlin B. Chapman, The Founding of Stillwater: A Case Study in Oklahoma History (Oklahoma City: Times Journal Publishing Co., 1948).
Arrell M. Gibson, Oklahoma: A History of Five Centuries, 2d ed (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1981).
John W. Morris, ed., Cities of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1979).

Additional Resources

John L. Dietz, "Settlement Patterns, United States." Encyclopedia of the Great Plains
"Global Patterns of Human Migration," National Geographic
"Mapping Migration and Settlement," The Newberry

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