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Grade 6 Academic Standards

6.4.2 Evaluate the effects of human modification on the natural environment through transformation caused by subsistence and commercial agriculture, industry, demand for energy, and urbanization.

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

Commerce in Oklahoma

Traveling Trunks
Oklahoma Agriculture
Oil and Gas

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Larry O'Dell, "Agricultural Mechanization"
J. Brett Adams, "Irrigation"
Richard Lowitt, "Dry Farming"
Fred Causley, "Cooperative Extension Services"
Kenneth S. Johnson, "Lakes and Reservoirs"
Kenneth W. Williams, "Farm Ponds"
Kenneth V. Luza and Kenneth S. Johnson, "Surface Mining"
Dianna Everett, "Tri-State Lead and Zinc District"
Bobby D. Weaver, "Pipelines"

Research Center Resources

Carl Coke Rister, Oil! Titan of the Southwest (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1949).
Gilbert C. Fite, "Great Plains Farming: A Century of Change," Agricultural History 51 (January 1977).
Bonnie Lynn-Sherow, Mechanization, Land Use, and Ownership: Oklahoma in the Early Twentieth Century (Madison: Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1996).
R. Douglas Hurt, Agricultural Technology in the Twentieth Century (Manhattan, Kans.: Sunflower University Press, 1991).
R. Douglas Hurt, American Farm Tools: From Hand-Power to Steam Power (Manhattan, Kans.: Sunflower University Press, 1982).
Kenneth S. Johnson and Kenneth V. Luza, "Rivers, Streams, and Lakes of Oklahoma," in Earth Sciences and Mineral Resources of Oklahoma, Educational Publication 9 (Norman: Oklahoma Geological Survey, 2004).


Additional Resources

"Land Use," The Environmental Literacy Council
"Industrialization of Agriculture Lesson Plan," FoodSpan Learning
"High-Tech Farming Lesson Plan," National Agriculture in the Classroom

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