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Oklahoma History Academic Standards

OKH.1.1 Integrate visual information to identify and describe the significant physical and human features including major trails, railway lines, waterways, cities, ecological regions, natural resources, highways, and landforms.

Research Center Resources

John W. Morris, Boundaries of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City: 1980)
John W. Morris, Cities of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City: 1979)
John W. Morris, Geography of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City: 1977)


Map of total car-lot shipments of fruits and vegetables with farm income in Oklahoma during 1945 (Agrmap.taft.0001, Taft Middle School Collection, OHS)

Map of the state of Oklahoma, published by the Oklahoma Geological Survey, C.W. Shannon, director, Norman, 1914 (Okstmap.Perrine.0001, Irving Perrine Collection, OHS)

Historical map of Oklahoma, 1931, by Oklahoma Natural Gas Corporation (HISMAP.HAMMETT.0001, John P. Hammett Map Collection, OHS)

Online Primary Sources

"Official Oklahoma State Maps," Oklahoma Department of Tourism and Recreation
Denison, Rodger E. Geologic cross-section from the Arbuckle Mountains to the Muenster Arch, southern Oklahoma and Texas
"Premier series map of Oklahoma and Indian Territory, 1905," Geographical Publishing Co.
"Oklahoma Wetlands Reference Guide, 2000" Oklahoma Conservation Commission
"United States Soil Conservation Service, and Compuroute Inc. Important farmlands map," State of Oklahoma (Fort Worth: The Service, 1982)
"Experimental perspective map, Cache, Oklahoma," United States Army Engineer Topographic Laboratories, (Fort Belvoir, VA: USAETL, 1980)
"Map of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, 1933–1939," Federal Home Loan Bank Board, Home Owners' Loan Corporation, National Archives

Additional Resources

"Mapmaker Interactive," National Geographic
"Resources for Classroom Use," Oklahoma Council for the Social Studies
"Lesson Plan Library," Oklahoma Alliance for Geographic Education
Kenneth S. Johnson, "Mountains, Streams, and Lakes of Oklahoma," Oklahoma Geological Survey Informational Series No. 1 (Norman: Oklahoma Geological Survey, 1998)
Oklahoma Almanacs, Oklahoma State Archives
"EnviroAtlas Interactive Map," US Environmental Protection Agency
"The Climate of Oklahoma," Mesonet

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