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Oklahoma History Academic Standards

OKH.4.6 Describe the division, function, and sharing of powers among levels of government including city, county, state and tribal.

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

Teacher Resources
Tribal Sovereignty Overview

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Danney Goble, "Government and Politics"
Rick Farmer, "Legislature"
Jerry E. Stephens, "Judiciary"

Research Center Resources

"Counties and County Seats listing and map," Oklahoma Resources, Oklahoma Historical Society

Online Primary Sources

Constitution of the State of Oklahoma
"Oral histories with state government officials," Voices of Oklahoma
"My Government," State of Oklahoma

Additional Resources

"Oklahoma Local Governments," Oklahoma Policy Institute
"Oklahoma Legislative Primer," Oklahoma Policy Institute
"Online Budget Guide," Oklahoma Policy Institute
"CountySTATS 2018," Oklahoma Policy Institute
"What's That?: Key Terms to Understand Oklahoma Politics and Government," Oklahoma Policy Institute
"Politics & Government - Unit 3, Lesson 2; Oklahoma Passage Telecourse," 1991-08-28, OETA, American Archive of Public Broadcasting
"Oklahoma Native American Tribes," Oklahoma Department of Libraries
"How Do Tribal Governments Work?" Southeastern Oklahoma State University
"Tribal Governance," National Congress of American Indians

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