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Oklahoma History Academic Standards

OKH.5.5 Evaluate the impact of the boom and bust cycle of Oklahoma's agricultural production due to mechanization and the needs of World War I, including its effect as a precursor of the Great Depression.

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

Traveling Trunks
Oklahoma Agriculture

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Gilbert C. Fite, "Farming"
Larkin Warner, "Oklahoma Economy"
Larry O'Dell, "Agricultural Mechanization"
Fred Causley, "Cooperative Extension Services"
David E. Conrad, "Tenant Farming and Sharecropping"
Jim Bissett, "World War I"

Research Center Resources

Donald Edward Green, Rural Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1982)
John W. Morris, Geography of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1977)


Online Primary Sources

Lewis Wickes Hine, "13 and 14-year old boys the youngest cutting asparagus on farm near Lawton," Library of Congress
USDA Census of Agriculture Historical Archive

Additional Resources

Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom
"Agricultural Heritage - Unit 2, Lesson 4; Oklahoma Passage Telecourse #109," 1991-08-21, OETA, American Archive of Public Broadcasting
Todd Kosmeriick, "World War I and Agriculture," NC State University Libraries, August 18, 2017

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