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Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!

Key Character List

Curly McLain—A strong-headed cowman adored by many women in the town. Although he is in love with Laurey, he will not admit it.

Laurey Williams—A young woman who lives with her aunt on a farm. Although she is in love with Curly, she will not admit her feelings.

Ado Annie—The boy-crazy daughter of a farmer.

Will Parker—A shy cowman who wishes to marry Ado Annie, despite her father’s disapproval.

Aunt Eller—A mother figure to everyone in the town. She is Laurey’s aunt and caretaker.

Jud Fry—The hired hand for Aunt Eller and Laurey. He is not well-liked by others and has strong feelings for Laurey.

Ali Hakim—A mysterious traveling salesman from Persia.

Gertie Cummings—The pretty girl from the other town who takes a liking to Curly. She is known for her laugh.

Andrew Carnes—A farmer and the father of Ado Annie. He is very skeptical of cowmen, especially Will Parker.

Song List

Act One


“Oh What a Beautiful Mornin’”

“The Surrey with the Fringe on Top”

“Kansas City”

“I Cain’t Say No!”

“Many a New Day”

“It’s a Scandal! It’s a Outrage!”

“People Will Say We’re in Love”

‘Pore Jud is Daid”

“Lonely Room”

“Out of My Dreams”

“Dream Ballet”

Act Two

“The Farmer and the Cowman”

“All Er Nothin’”

“People Will Say We’re in Love (Reprise)”


“Finale Ultimo”