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Oklahoma History Academic Standards

OKH.6.5 Analyze the evolving relationship between state and tribal governments impacting tribal self determination and control over American Indian lands and resources including issues of jurisdiction, taxation, and gaming.

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

Traveling Trunk
American Indian Tribes of Oklahoma in the Modern Era

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Donald Fixico, "American Indians"
Dale Mason, "Gaming, Indian"

Research Center Resources

Arrell Morgan Gibson, Between Two Worlds: The Survival of Twentieth Century Indians (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: 1986)
Rennard Strickland, The Indians in Oklahoma (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1980)

Online Primary Sources

"Tribal Leaders Directory," Bureau of Indian Affairs
"Frequently Asked Questions," Bureau of Indian Affairs

Additional Resources

"What is tribal sovereignty?" McSkoke Media
"American Indian Tribal Sovereignty Primer," American Indian Policy Center
"Tribal Sovereignty," Pauma Band of Luiseño Indians
"Tribal Governance," National Congress of American Indians
"An Issue of Sovereignty," National Conference of State Legislatures
"Tribal Government," iCivics Lesson Plan
"Indian Pride: Treaties and Sovereignty," PBS Learning Media
Garrett Epps, "Who Owns Oklahoma?" The Atlantic, November 20, 2018
Indian Country Today
Native Voice One
Tribal Sovereignty, KOSU
"NAGPRA (Native American Graves Protection & Repatriation Act) & Repatriation," Peabody Museum
"Nixon’s Vision: An Enlightened Indian Policy," Chickasaw.TV
"Nixon’s Policies Empowered Tribes," Chickasaw.TV
"Tribal Sovereignty: The Constitution is Clear," Chickasaw.TV
"About ICWA (Indian Child Welfare Act," NICWA (National Child Welfare Association)
"Explainer: Tribal Gaming," State Impact Oklahoma

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