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About This Database

This resource includes more than 17,000 students who attended Chilocco Indian Agricultural School (also known as Chilocco Indian Industrial School, Chilocco Indian School, and Haworth Institute). The index was created using multiple sources, including the Chilocco Indian School Collection (1996.069), teachers' reports, school yearbooks, student rosters, US census, and information from the National Chilocco Alumni Association.

Chilocco Indian Agricultural School was a federal boarding school designed to transform and culturally assimilate American Indians. It was located in Kay County just south of the Oklahoma–Kansas state line. Thousands of American Indian students attended and resided at the school from 1884 to 1980. Find out more about the school in The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture.

Additional Resources

Chilocco Yearbooks (PDF)
The OHS has digitized multiple Chilocco yearbooks, which are available in the online catalog. Use the links below to access PDF files from the OHS and other institutions.


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