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Grade 6 Academic Standards

6.2.3 Describe the predominant natural resources found in each region.

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

Commerce in Oklahoma

Traveling Trunks
Oil and Gas
Oklahoma Agriculture
Fur Trade in Oklahoma

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Kenneth S. Johnson, "Mining and Minerals"
Kenny A. Franks, "Petroleum Industry"
William G. Ross, "Forestry"
Larry O'Dell, "Nuclear Power"
Steven L. Sewell, "Coal"
Robert O. Fay, "Copper"
Bobby D. Weaver, "Gold"
Stanley T. Krukowski, "Limestone"
Micah Holmes, "Fishing"
Micah Holmes, "Hunting"
Larry O'Dell, "Salt and Salt Works"
Jim Hoy, "Cattle Industry"
Jon D. May, "Dairy Industry"
Gilbert C. Fite, "Farming"

Research Center Resources

C. W. Shannon and Oklahoma Geological Survey, Handbook on the Natural Resources of Oklahoma (Norman: Oklahoma Geological Survey, 1916).
L.C. Snider, "Water Resources," in Geography of Oklahoma, Oklahoma Geological Survey Bulletin 27 (Norman: Oklahoma Geological Survey, 1917).
Jimmy M. Skaggs, ed., Ranch and Range in Oklahoma (Oklahoma City: Oklahoma Historical Society, 1978).


Additional Resources

"Resource Library: Natural Resources," National Geographic
"Educational materials," Oklahoma Energy Resources Board
"Food Crops in the Americas," National Geographic
"Education Resources Database," Minerals Education Coalition
"United States Climate Page," NOAA Physical Sciences Laboratory

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