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US History Academic Standards

USH.3.2 Evaluate the long-term impact of America's entry into World War I on national politics, the economy, and society.

B. Analyze the impact of the war on the home front including the use of propaganda, women's increased role in industry, the marshaling of industrial production, and the Great Migration.

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

World War I and the Art of War: WWI Posters from the Collection of Oscar Jacobson

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Jim Bisset, "World War I"
William C. Meadow, "Code Talkers"
Lance Janda, "Women and the World Wars"
Linda D. Wilson, "War Bond Drive"
Lois Coleman, "Thirty-Sixth Infantry Division"
Nigel Anthony Sellars, "Green Corn Rebellion"
Mary Jo Watson, "Oscar Brousse Jacobson"

Research Center Resources

O. A. Hilton, "The Oklahoma Council of Defense and the First World War," The Chronicles of Oklahoma 20 (March 1942).


Online Primary Sources‌

"World War I Primary Sources, National Archives," DocsTeach
"The Great Migration Primary Source Set," Digital Public Library of America
"World War I Primary Sources," Library of Congress

Additional Resources

"Interactive WWI Timeline," The National WWI Museum and Memorial
"The Posters That Sold World War I to the American Public," Smithsonian magazine

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