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The Story of the Capitol


Beaux Arts: An ornate style of architecture of the late 19th and early 20th centuries that is associated with the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

bias: A preference for or against something.

capitol: A building where the legislature meets.

contractors: A person or company that agrees to do a specific set of tasks.

electorate: The people eligible to vote in an election.

federalism: A system of government that includes different levels of government that perform different functions.

initiative: A citizen-nominated ballot measure.

Land Run of 1889: The first land run which divided the Unassigned Lands of Indian Territory.

Oklahoma Enabling Act of 1906: An act that allowed the people of Oklahoma and Indian Territories to elect representatives to a state constitutional convention and bid for statehood.

Organic Act of 1890: An act that created Oklahoma and Indian Territories, outlined how their governments would be set up, and set aside land for public schools.

ornament: A decoration used to make something fancy, especially a building.

portico: A porch leading to the entrance of a building with a roof overhead and supported by columns.

quarry: To cut into ground to obtain stone.

renovation: The action of improving a broken or outdated structure.

rotunda: A large central area.

tenant: A person who occupies a property owned by another person.