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Child Labor in Oklahoma: The Photographs of Lewis Hine, 1916–1917


agrarian society: A society focused or built around farming.

child laborers: Children who work in highly physical or dangerous conditions.

documentary photography: Photos used to chronicle significant events as well as everyday life.

employer: A person or company who provides one with a job.

illiterate: Without the ability to read or write.

harvest season: Time when a crop is ready to be reaped or picked and then processed.

occupation: A job.

regulations: Laws put in place by the federal government or state to protect citizens.

relentless: To never give up despite all odds.

responsibility: Having influence over something, being accountable or to blame.

social reform: A movement to create change in certain aspects of society.

sympathy: A feeling of sorrow or concern.

unconstitutional: Not allowed or in accordance to the United States Constitution.