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Oklahoma History Academic Standards

4.3.2 Examine the characteristics of culture, including the distribution and complexity of the regions of the United States.

A. Identify the characteristics of culture (language, customs, beliefs, food, clothing, shelter) and compare the cultural characteristics of different regions of the United States.

Oklahoma History Center Education Resources

History Alive! Living History
1830s Beadwork Artist

Traveling Trunk
Colonial Games and Music

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Alvin O. Turner, "Folk Art"
Alyson L. Greiner, "Folk Architecture"
Bobby D. Weaver, "Ledger Book Art"
Bruce Southard, "Speech Patterns"
Daniel C. Swan, "Traditional Arts, American Indian"
Dayna Bowker Lee, "Folk Medicine"
Dayna Bowker Lee, "Folk Music"
George O. Carney, "Recreation and Entertainment"
Guy Logsdon, "Folklife"
Jamie Johnson, "Arts and Crafts, African American"
Jason Baird Jackson, "Foodways"
Jason Baird Jackson, "Games, American Indian"
Jason Baird Jackson, "Medicine, American Indian"
Larry O'Dell, "Folk Narrative and Lore"
Lisa Abney, "Folk Beliefs"
Luke Eric Lassiter, "Music, American Indian"
Martha Hartzog, "Folk Games"
Mary Jo Watson, "Art, American Indian"

Research Center Resources

Donna Akers, Culture and Customs of the Choctaw Indians (Santa Barbara, Calif.: Greenwood, 2013)
Franz Boaz, Introduction to Handbook of American Indian Languages (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1966)
Benjamin Albert Botkin, A Treasury of New England Folklore: Stories, Ballads, and Traditions of the Yankee Folk (New York: Crown Publishers, 1965)
John Gottlieb Ernestus Heckewelder, History, Manners, and Customs of the Indian Nations Who Once Inhabited Pennslvania and Its Neighboring States (New York: Arno Press, 1971)


Additional Resources

"Traditional Regions of the United States," Encyclopedia Britannica
"United States Regions," National Geographic
"Five Basic Characteristics of Cultures," Study.com

B. Explain how the characteristics of culture affect the ways in which people live.

The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture

Howard F. Stein, "Farming Culture"
Bobby D. Weaver, "Oil-field Culture"
Jamie J. Patton and Richard A. Marston, "Great Plains"

Additional Resources

"Culture: The Meaning, Characteristics, and Functions," Your Article Library

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