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Governors of Oklahoma

Territorial Governors

Governor Party Hometown Dates Served First Lady
George W. Steele Republican Marion, Indiana 1890–1891 Marietta Swayzee Steele
Robert Martin Republican Guthrie November 1891–February 1892 Ada Gilmore Martin
Abraham J. Seay Republican Kingfisher February 1892–May 1893 (unmarried)
William C. Renfrow Democrat Norman May 1893–May 1897 Jennie York Renfrow
Cassius M. Barnes Republican Guthrie April 1897–May 1901 Mary Bartlett Barnes
William M. Jenkins Republican Kay County May 1901–November 1901 Delphinia White Jenkins
William C. Grimes Republican Kingfisher November–December 1901 Mary Cleaver Grimes
Thompson B. Ferguson Republican Watonga December 1901–January 1906 Eva Shartel Ferguson
Frank Frantz Republican Enid January 1906–November 1907 Matilda Evans Frantz

Oklahoma Governors

Governor Party Hometown Dates Served First Lady/Gentleman
Charles N. Haskell Democrat Muskogee November 1907–January 1911 Lillian Gallup Haskell
Lee Cruce Democrat Ardmore January 1911–January 1915 (widowed)
Robert L. Williams Democrat Durant January 1915–January 1919 (unmarried)
James B. A. Robertson Democrat Chandler January 1919–January 1923 Isabelle Butler Robertson
John C. Walton Democrat Oklahoma City January–November 1923 Madeleine Orrick Walton
Martin E. Trapp Democrat Oklahoma City November 1923–January 1927 Lula C. Strang Trapp
Henry S. Johnston Democrat Perry January 1927–March 1929 Ethel Littleton Johnston
William J. Holloway Democrat Hugo March 1929–January 1931 Amy Arnold Holloway
William H. Murray Democrat Tishomingo January 1931–January 1935 Mary Alice Hearrell Murray
E. W. Marland Democrat Ponca City January 1935–January 1939 Lydie Roberts Marland
Leon C. Phillips Democrat Okemah January 1939–January 1943 Myrtle Ellenberger Phillips
Robert S. Kerr Democrat Ada January 1943–January 1947 Grayce Breene Kerr
Roy J. Turner Democrat Oklahoma City January 1947–January 1951 Jessica Grimm Turner
Johnston Murray Democrat Tishomingo January 1951–January 1955 Willie Emerson Murray
Raymond Gary Democrat Madill January 1955–January 1959 Emma Mae Purser Gary
J. Howard Edmondson Democrat Muskogee January 1959–January 1963 Jeannette Edmondson
George P. Nigh Democrat McAlester January 6, 1963–January 14, 1963 Donna Skinner Nigh
Henry L. Bellmon Republican Billings January 1963–January 1967 Shirley Osborn Bellmon
Dewey F. Bartlett Republican Tulsa January 1967–January 1971 Ann Smith Bartlett
David C. Hall Democrat Oklahoma City January 1971–January 1975 Jo Evans Hall
David L. Boren Democrat Seminole January 1975–January 1979 Janna Lou Little Boren and Molly Shi Boren
George P. Nigh Democrat McAlester January 1979–January 1987 Donna Skinner Nigh
Henry L. Bellmon Republican Billings January 1987–January 1991 Shirley Osborn Bellmon
David Walters Democrat Canute January 1991–January 1995 Rhonda Walters
Frank A. Keating Republican Tulsa January 1995–January 2003 Cathy Keating
Brad Henry Democrat Shawnee January 2003–January 2011 Kim Henry
Mary Fallin Republican Tecumseh January 2011–January 2019 Wade Christensen
Kevin Stitt Republican Norman January 2019–present Sarah Stitt