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Altus Air Force Base

Jackson County
Location: on Altus Air Force Base
Topics: Military, Industrial Period 1841–1892, Government

Features of Altus Air Force Base include a display of American aircraft stationed at the air base and a memorial to R. W. "Dick" Moore who was instrumental in re-establishing Altus Air Force Base after World War II.

Altus Jackson County Well

Jackson County
Location: on the north side of the county courthouse in Altus
Topics: Water, Urban Development, Environmental/Cultural Ecology, Territorial Period 1861–1907

This hand-dug brick-lined well was the community's only water supply from 1889 to the late 1920s. The well was paved over in 1937 but was rediscovered and restored in 1990.

City of Altus

Jackson County
Location: at Park Lane and East Broadway in Altus
Topics: Military, Industrial Period 1841–1892

In 1955, this B-47, christened City of Altus, was the first bomber to land on the runway at Altus Air Force Base.

Doan's Crossing

Jackson County
Location: on County Road East 179 southwest of Tipton
Topics: Ranching, Transportation

The Texas Cattle Trail (Dodge City or Great Western Trail) crossed the Red River here where C. F. Doan operated a store. More than 19 million cattle crossed the river until the crossing was abandoned in 1895. See Great Western Cattle Trail.

Friendship School

Jackson County
Location: on County Road East 159 at site of former school northeast of Altus.
Topics: Education, Religion/Philosophy, Settlement Patterns, Early Statehood 1907–1941, Industrial Period

From 1937 to 1963, children from surrounding areas were educated in this country school. Initially called Clabber Flat School, the school acquired its new name because it was the home of Friendship Baptist Church. The town of Alfalfa also took the name.

Great Western Cattle Trail

Jackson County
Location: on US-62, two miles east of Altus
Topics: Ranching, Transportation

From 1874 to 1893, millions of cattle and horses were driven from Texas through what became western Oklahoma over the westernmost of the famous cattle trails. The trail crossed the Red River and Doan's Crossing in Jackson County and continued north to Dodge City, Kansas. A series of markers throughout Oklahoma preserve the memory of the trail.

Locomotive 1615

Jackson County
Location: at 601 Katy Drive in Altus
Topics: Transportation, Social/Cultural, Mining, Industrial Period 1841–1892

The Russian czar Nicholas II, ordered this steam locomotive for use in World War I. When the Russian regime was overthrown, the Frisco Railroad purchased the locomotive. It was later used in lead and zinc mines in northeast Oklahoma.

Martha School

Jackson County
Location: at 15863 South County Road 201

The Martha School served the area's children beginning in 1896.

Museum of the Western Prairie

Jackson County
Location: at 110 North Hightower, Altus
Topics: Education, Territorial Period 1861–1907, Social/Cultural

Illustrating the colorful past of the western portion of Oklahoma, this museum contains many interesting exhibits portraying the early homesteaders of the region.

Town of Navajoe

Jackson County
Material: Granite

Waterbird Missile

Jackson County
Location: at 601 Katy Drive in Altus
Topics: Military, Government

A mock Atlas missile was used to test this underground silo's weight-and-balance systems at nearby Altus Air Force Base in the 1960s. It was called "waterbird," because it was filled with water, rather than the liquid oxygen in the actual missiles.

Western Cattle Trail/Friendship

Jackson County
Location: on County Road 210 in town of Friendship
Material: Aluminum
Topics: Urban Development, Settlement Patterns, Religion/Philosophy, Territorial Period 1861–1907

The town of Friendship, once called Alfalfa, derived its name from the Friendship Baptist Church, established in 1908. Friendship once had a dozen businesses until a decline in rural population caused its demise after World War II. See Great Western Trail.

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