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Birthplace of Will Rogers

Rogers County
Coordinates: 36.437944, -95.687250
Topics: American Indians

November 4, 1879-August 15, 1935. Will Rogers, world-renowned writer, humorist, and actor, was born on a ranch east of Oologah in Cooweescoowee, Indian Territory. He and Wiley Post died in an airplane crash at Point Barrow, Alaska. His birthplace was moved out of the path of Oologah Lake to 2 miles north of here and is open to the public.

Claremore Mound

Rogers County
Location: on OK-88, one mile north of County Road 44
Material: Aluminum
Topics: American Indians, Petroleum, Natural Resources, Westward Expansion 1803–1861

Named for the great Osage chief, Clermont, the area was the site of an Osage village destroyed by the Cherokees in 1817. Oil was discovered a century later on the Osage Reservation nearby.

Claremore Mound

Rogers County
Location: on OK-88, one mile north of County Road
Coordinates: 36.382000, -95.632833
Material: Granite
Topics: American Indians, Petroleum, Natural Resources, Westward Expansion 1803–1861

on OK-88 west of County Road 411

Eastern University Preparatory School

Rogers County
Location: at 7th Street and Choctaw Avenue in Claremore
Coordinates: 36.312650, -95.604966
Sponsored by: Rogers State University - Brent Ortolani
Material: Aluminum
Topics: Education, Early Statehood 1907–1941

Eastern University Preparatory School, the predecessor of Rogers State University (RSU), was founded in 1909 at this location, the former site of Claremore School. The original school was demolished and a new Claremont Elementary School was built on this site. RSU is now located on College Hill on the west side of Claremore.

Oklahoma's First Waterflood

Rogers County
Location: four miles south of Nowata on US-169 south of County Road 30 south of Nowata
Coordinates: 36.583610, -95.670688
Material: Granite
Topics: Early Statehood 1907–1941, Petroleum, Industry/Business, Natural Resources, Water

In May of 1931, Bert Collins first used injection of water into an oil reservoir to increase recovery, a process that became known as water flooding. Billions of barrels of crude oil have been recovered from world oil reserves by water flooding.

Port of the Plains

Rogers County
Location: at the crossing of Hwy-66 and the navigation channel
Sponsored by: The Propeller Club
Material: Aluminum
Topics: Transportation, Water, Natural Resources, Industrial Period 1841–1892

Head of navigation for the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System, the Tulsa Port of Catoosa is located one mile upstream from this marker. The McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System is a 448-mile channel stretching form the Mississippi River up the Arkansas and Verdigris Rivers to the Tulsa Port of Catoosa. Barges are raised a total of 420 feet via 17 locks and dams from the Mississippi to Catoosa and the entire waterway connects with much of the nation's 29,000 miles of inland waterways.

Will Rogers

Rogers County
Location: on grounds of Will Rogers Memorial in Claremore (DAR)
Sponsored by: Daughters of the American Revolution
Topics: Arts, American Indians, Early Statehood 1907–1941, Mass Communication

The famous Oklahoman charmed the world with his wit and wisdom in vaudeville, radio, the movies, and as a newspaper columnist.

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