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Alexander Posey

McIntosh County
Location: on SH9, eight miles west of Eufaula, in Posey Park
Material: Aluminum
Topics: American Indians, Arts, Territorial Period 1861–1907, Mass Communication, Government

This famous Creek poet and journalist's life prematurely ended when he drowned in the North Canadian River near Eufaula on May 27, 1908. Alexander Posey was the editor of newspapers, a member of the Dawes Commission, and widely known for his poems such as "Ode to Sequoyah.

Asbury Manual Labor School

McIntosh County
Location: on US-Ubs-69 in Greenwood Cemetery north of Eufaula
Topics: Religion/Philosophy, Education, American Indians

Stones that make up the monument are from the original buildings of the Methodist school for Indian children and youth. The original site of the school lies under Lake Eufaula.

Buckner Cemetery

McIntosh County
Location: in Greenwood Cemetery north of Eufaula
Topics: Religion/Philosophy, Family/Household, Westward Expansion 1803–1861

Dr. Henry F. Buckner, called the "apostle to the Creeks," and members of his family are buried here, having been moved from the Buckner home now under Lake Eufaula. Buckner came to the Creeks as a Baptist missionary in 1849.

Creek Council Ground

McIntosh County
Location: at Eufaula Indian community at Seventh and Forest in Eufaula
Topics: Military, Government, American Indians, Social/Cultural, Recreational/Service

Confederate Commissioner Albert Pike met with Creek leaders at North Fork Town, now covered by the waters of Lake Eufaula, on July 10, 1861, to sign a treaty in which the Creeks pledged their support to the South in the Civil War.

Green Corn Dance

McIntosh County
Location: at Eufaula Indian community at Seventh and Forest in Eufaula
Material: Granite
Topics: American Indians

To the Creeks, the Green Corn dance was a major annual religious celebration of the harvest season. Around a central fire, men, women, and children dressed in colorful costumes, danced, chanted, and sang. After the rites, green corn was served.

Henry Frieland Buckner

McIntosh County
Location: in Greenwood Cemetery north of Eufaula
Topics: Religion/Philosophy, Family/Household, Westward Expansion 1803–1861

Commemorates the work of Dr. Henry F. Buckner

Honey Springs Battlefield

McIntosh County
Location: six miles northeast of Checotah
Topics: Military, Ethnic Diversity, Government, American Indians, Territorial Period 1861–1907

Six monuments and markers pay tribute to those who fought in the Civil War Battle of Honey Springs on July 17, 1863. Included are Honey Springs Depot, the Texas Confederates, the Indian and Texas troops, Union soldiers, and the First Regiment Kansas Colored Volunteers, one of the first African American units of the Civil War to play a key part in a Union victory.


McIntosh County
Location: in Lake Eufaula State Park
Material: Granite
Topics: Government, Recreational/Service, American Indians, Territorial Period 1861–1907

James Nakedhead was a deputy US marshal killed in the line of duty during Indian Territory days. He was a Cherokee policeman and the first town marshal in Tahlequah in 1890.

North Fork Town

McIntosh County
Location: at the intersection of Elm and Main Streets in Eufaula
Material: Aluminum
Topics: American Indians, Military, Westward Expansion 1803–1861

From 1836, this was an important center on the Texas Road in the Creek Nation. Albert Pike secured treaties between the Creeks, Chickasaws, and Choctaws and the Confederacy here in 1861. See Creek Council Ground.


McIntosh County
Location: in community of Rentiesville
Topics: Ethnic Diversity, Urban Development, Settlement Patterns, Territorial Period 1861–1907, Early State

Rentiesville is one of thirteen All-Black towns, out of more than fifty that once existed, remaining in Oklahoma. While Tullahassee is reportedly the oldest, most were established between 1889 and 1907 as African Americans sought security and control of their own destiny in a segregated world. Most of the towns began to decline in the 1920s and 1930s as rural African Americans faced economic hardships and began to move to urban areas.

Tuskegee Baptist Church

McIntosh County
Location: at intersection of OK-9 and NS-411 (OBHC)
Topics: Social/Cultural, Religion/Philosophy, Folklife, Territorial Period 1861–1907

Annie Walker Armstrong was corresponding secretary of the Woman's Missionary Union of the Southern Baptist Convention which sent missionaries to the area. The church was founded here in 1867. Nearby is another marker that notes the rock that Armstrong used to mount her horse during a visit to the church in 1900.


McIntosh County
Location: in community of Vernon
Topics: Urban Development, Ethnic Diversity, Religion/Philosophy, Early Statehood 1907–1941

Vernon, established in March 1912, is named for William T. Vernon, a minister and bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, who also served as registrar of the United States Treasury from 1906 to 1912 under President Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft.

Walker and Newton

McIntosh County
Location: in Lake Eufaula State Park
Topics: Government, Recreational/Service, Social/Cultural, Industrial Period 1841–1892

A tribute to Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Bill Walker and Fountainhead State Park superintendent Leo Newton who were gunned down in a shoot-out in 1971.

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